Adversary Proceedings

Beware of Willful Violation of Automatic Stay

In case it is not understood by the reader, the principle of automatic stay is designed so that pretty much all debt collection actions should cease with the filing of
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Facts to Note About Judgments in Adversary Proceedings

Usually, adversary proceedings in bankruptcy litigation are the result of some misdeed on the part of one or more parties in a financial arrangement. This is to say that most
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Facts You Must Know About Adversary Proceedings

It is wholly possible to have a bankruptcy case run from start to finish without the need for an adversary proceeding. While people may feel guilty or even like a
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Simple Overview of Fraud

It may not initially seem like bankruptcy fraud is a serious problem facing the United States. Especially if one is removed from the whole arena of bankruptcy, he or she
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Fraudulent Conveyance Objection to Discharge

Some desperate debtors, in an effort to protect their assets, will do whatever they can to keep their assets out
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What You Should Know About Revocation of Plan Confirmation

For circumstances surrounding a petition to revoke a discharge of debtor responsibilities, a bankruptcy lawsuit may come into play for creditors who are dissatisfied with the results on legal and
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