Bankruptcy Resources

Good Bankruptcy Books

In an effort to capitalize on the rash of bankruptcies in modern times given the uncertain economic direction of our nation, a plethora of sources have sprung up in recent
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All You Need To Know About Bankruptcy Software

For some people, the "do-it-yourself" spirit is strong within them, even when it comes to matters like bankruptcy. Bankruptcy court pro se filings occur by the thousands and the tens
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Purpose of A Means Test Calculators

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005As with a bankruptcy debt calculator/bankruptcy filing software, a means test calculator is based on the precepts of bankruptcy law as
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Bankruptcy Notice Providers

Probably the most likely scenario in which a bankruptcy notice provider will be employed is to gather a list of creditors/claimants in a Chapter 11 filing. In instances such as
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Learn About the Bankruptcy Hotlines

Many legal organizations, such as bankruptcy law firms, will run a bankruptcy hotline as part of their contribution (and advertisement)
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Essential Bankruptcy Resources

Bankruptcy books and the Bankruptcy Code are helpful tools, but generally, those considering filing for bankruptcy are advised not to forsake legal representation in favor of these print resources.Bankruptcy SoftwareIn
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