Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Exceptions to Counseling Requirement

For bankruptcy seekers, it is very unlikely that they will not come into contact with a credit counseling center at some point in their quest, as the amendments made to
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Facts to Know About Credit Counseling Debtor Education

To the tune of much controversy, credit counseling was made a compulsory condition of any individual debtor filing for bankruptcy in the United States following the passage of the Bankruptcy
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Don’t Get Credit Counseling Before Reading This

Prior to 2005, though credit counseling in the United States was generally advisable for individual debtors, it was not imposed upon them as a prior condition before petitioning for bankruptcy.
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Debtor Education Facts to Be Aware Of

To those who are unaware, the difference between "credit counseling" and "debtor education" may seem like an exercise in semantics. The two are similar enough that they are often talked
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Know These Counseling and Education Requirements

In a pejorative sense, one may say that all one must do to qualify for a credit counseling service or
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Bankruptcy Credit Counseling: Basics

There are an untold number of credit counseling agencies around the United States today, and a significant number more were founded after passage of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer
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